General Maintenance: Perform a safety inspection of welds, seat supports, chains, pulleys, cables, and check for missing or worn hardware.

Lubrication: Lubrication of all chains, sprockets, rollers, guide rods, seat adjustments, threaded rods, pivot points, mounting bolts for tightness, etc.

Electrical Components: The technician will inspect all line cords, power supplies, batteries and devices for functionality. We will also inspect all electrical connections and wires, as well as test electronics and calibrate machines when necessary.

Cleaning: The technician will not only clean the inside of equipment, including the motor components, but will also be sure to clean the work area thoroughly.

Performance Test: After the Preventative Maintenance has been completed, our technician will run a performance test to insure that all functions are working properly.


General Repair: We repair every major brand of fitness equipment, and also work on units which may be out of date.

Written Estimates: Gym-Worx provides a written estimate of required parts and labor, and can provide a cost breakdown for parts needed, or simply provide the knowledge and labor if the facility already has the parts available.

Warranty Work: For equipment that is still under factory warranty, Gym-Worx will coordinate the repair with the appropriate manufacturer and deal directly with the company on reimbursement for covered warranty repairs.

Equipment Relocation Services: From time to time, facilities wish to rearrange their fitness equipment lay-out whether to accommodate for new equipment, or simply to clean the area and provide a new and different look for their members. Gym-Worx can provide consulting on new potential floor space design, and can complete the process by relocating all equipment safely and efficiently.

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